Commercial & Municipal Organizations

Solar energy projects offer Commercial and Municipal partners substantial economic benefits, tremendous educational potential, and outstanding green and community leadership value. As a result of a certain federal and state incentives, PPG is able to offer qualified project partners significant energy cost savings through a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) and/or site lease payments without any upfront capital outlay required.

We’ve distinguished ourselves from the competition by offering an extensive solar project development solution from inception to operation. This includes:

  • The highest degree of transparency and flexibility
  • Exceptional local regulatory expertise
  • Proven technology applications, and
  • Demonstrated ability to get projects built and operating on schedule
  • "PPG served as the hub coordinating all aspects of the project. PPG worked diligently in cooperation with all the affected parties, the Town, landowner and the PPA offtaker involved to best represent the interests of all."

    Public Municipal Utility landowner

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