Independent Power Producers

At Prometheus Power Group, we understand how complicated solar development can be.  That’s why our focus is simple: developing solar projects that maximize economic value.

Development of each solar project can be a time-consuming process with unforeseen complications and delays.  As a Financier, your job is easier when you have a dependable developer that you can trust, a partner who knows the solar business inside and out.

Prometheus Power Group has the solar and financial expertise to fill that crucial role. As an experienced developer, we know about the entire value chain of developing, building and financing solar projects.

When you rely on PPG for development, you can concentrate on your core business without distractions or uncertainties. To structure a project, we can invest our development capital to move projects along for financiers to minimize project risk.

  • "PPG is a highly skilled developer team, with a positive energetic attitude and an excellent work ethic. PPG team’s dedication and ingenuity had a significant impact both of the timing and the cost-effectiveness of the solar facilities. The openness and transparency of PPG’s work made the transition from a developer owned project to an investor owned project easier. "

    Independent Power Producer

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Photo by planetMitch aunger on Unsplash